About Us

Adcore Studios was founded in May 2010 by Raul Monroy and Carlos Mendoza in Queretaro, Mexico. The initial idea of the studio was to create websites and plugins understanding the needs of the clients in the crescent Internet market. When Carlos came to the United States on October 2010, the studio had to shut down his doors. Carlos and Raul were still working in some web projects but Adcore Studios hadn’t a physical address.

The project took shape on June 2012 when Carlos felt call back to the arts. Carlos has always visualized Adcore Studios as a place of creativity when people of different backgrounds work together using their talents and abilities. So Carlos reunited Bernardo Barrios (Chicago, IL), how have a background in Industrial Design and Architecture and Raul Monroy (Queretaro, Mex) how is a system engineer.

Adcore Studios is a place to visualize and create. We combine our different backgrounds to create something unique, that goes beyond our own expectations. We have worked in different projects in different parts of the world that let us create in a simple and dynamic way.